Virtual Display Case: King County Quartz by Eric He

Our first Virtual Display Case is King County Quartz by Eric He:

Remember that the 2020 symposium is coming up this Saturday! We will be sending the links to all members as soon as we have the Zoom webinar set up. All 2019 members are automatically extended through to Oct. 1, 2021. If you’re not sure if your membership is current, send us an email:

Speaker Schedule for 2020 Virtual Symposium: Aesthetic Minerals – Color & Crystallography

All talks will be presented via Zoom on October 17, 2020. Times are Pacific Daylight Time.

Michael Bainbridge

11:00 AM – Aesthetics in Mineral Photography

Ray Hill

12:00 PM – The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: a story of transformation

Raquel Alonzo-Perez

1:00 PM –Emerald and gemstone formation during continental growth episodes

Tama Higuchi

2:00 PM – Minerals through the Lens of Art

George Rossman

3:00 PM – Natural Radiation – A Tale of Two Minerals
How natural radiation causes color to develop in some minerals,
concentrating on feldspar and tourmaline.