2024 Symposium Registration is open

Precious Metals and Golden Memories

October 18-20, 2024
Online registration is now ready to go!

Notes on this year’s symposium

  1. Most important: This year’s symposium will be held in ELLENSBURG, Washington! We are no longer in Kelso! Details below.
  2. Full-time students may attend the talks free of charge. Please be prepared to show student ID. Students may become members of PNWFM and/or attend the banquet for the same costs as regular members: $20 and $25, respectively.
  3. The Banquet menu is To Be Determined. The banquet and live auction will be held at the Ellensburg Red Lion hotel.
  4. Speakers and Talks will be announced soon!

2024 Dates

October 18:
Afternoon setup and on-site registration
Room dealers open well into the evening (at Ellensburg Red Lion)

October 19:
Lectures at Discovery Hall
Evening banquet and live auction
Room dealers open well into the evening (at Ellensburg Red Lion)

October 20:
Morning Lectures at Discovery Hall
Breakdown cleanup


Sympsium talks
Discovery Hall
Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington

Room Dealers, Saturday evening Banquet and Live Auction
Ellensburg Red Lion


There is a $10 discount on paid symposium if you register before October 1.

  • Symposium + Dinner + PNWFM membership $130
  • Symposium (NO Meal) + PNWFM membership $105
  • Full-Time STUDENT (NO membership or dinner) Free with student ID
  • Extra or Student dinner $25
  • Extra or Student membership $20 (included in paid symposium)
  • Add-on Room Dealer (requires paid Symposium) $25

Symposium LIVE Links

Our symposium will be live from 9 AM Saturday morning (Pacific Time) on Zoom:


You will need to register on the site, but there is no charge. We recommend registering early and joining each of the Webinars as they start.

The schedule for Saturday:

9:00 am
Welcome and introductory remarks
Jessica Robertson and Julian Gray

9:05 am
Rare Earth Elements – An Overview of REE Occurrence, Importance, and Mineralogical Interest
Mandi Hutchinson

10:15 am
Cascade Crystals: An Introduction to Crystal Localities of the Cascades
Randy Becker

11:15 am
Rare-earth and rare element mineralogy of the Golden Horn Batholith – new research into a globally unique alkaline system
Markus Raschke

12:15 pm

2:00 pm
REE as activators of striking luminescence in minerals: Examples in apatite, fluorite and calcite
Glenn Waychunas
Virtual presentation

3:00 pm
Rare Earth Element Minerals
Brent Thorne

Sunday Morning

8:00 am

9:00 am
Pikes Peak or bust – from golden past to rare earth future?
Markus Raschke

10:00 am
Closing Remarks
Jessica Robertson

10:05 am

Rare Earth Minerals begins 10/20/2023!

Our 2023 symposium, Rare Earth Element Minerals will start Friday afternoon. Setup begins at noon. Exhibits and main floor dealers open at 5:00 pm. Satellite dealers in the north hall of the hotel open when they wish.

We will again be live-streaming our talks on Zoom, and if the tech all comes together, on Facebook and YouTube.

We recommend using Zoom because it will allow for questions. There is NO charge for watching the talks online, but we are happy to accept donations if you find it of value.

Of course, the entire, in-person experience is much more fun with dealers, auctions, displays, and “giant crystal that got away” stories. You can register here: https://pnwfm.square.site/
or at the event.

We will post a link to register for the virtual Zoom event on Friday evening, so stay tuned!

2023 Symposium – Call for Exhibits

Display some of your collection!

The heart of a mineral show is always the display cases. Everyone looks at them, studies them… even drools over them! Please consider displaying part of your collection at this year’s symposium. We have 12 cases and only a few are spoken for at the time of this notice. Some things to consider:

  • Cases are not required to be “on theme.”
  • You do not need to have museum quality specimens to make an interesting display!
  • The best guideline is to put together a display that YOU would stop to look at.
  • This year’s theme may be better suited to micro-mineral specimens so consider getting creative: Perhaps add photos or an in-case slide show?
  • Cases are bolted together after you place your display inside. We will have security sleeping in the room with the cases on Friday and Saturday night.
  • The case dimensions are 43-1/8” wide x 22-1/2” deep x 27-3/8” high. The fronts slope in at the top. You can find detailed instructions on our web site:
  • We have a variety of case liners available, so you do not need to make your own.

Contact Bruce Kelley – bruce.kelley@gmail.com to reserve a case.