Fall Symposium – CALL FOR EXHIBITS

As with last year, the PNWFM Symposium exhibits will once again be in a virtual format. Members wishing to have a mineral case for the 2021 PNWFM fall symposium can submit photos for virtual exhibit case. These photos will be made into a virtual exhibit case: a looping slide show on our website and social media. This will give exhibitors a chance to showcase their collection and draw attention to our upcoming symposium.

Please consider submitting a virtual exhibit case and send individual specimen images to Julian Gray, juliangrocks@gmail.com, no later than September 30, 2021. Please try to keep the number of photos to fewer than twenty and include the mineral name(s), location, dimensions, and photographer. If any specimens are loaned to you, please also indicate this. Photos can be any format, but must be of high resolution. Send a sample photo to Julian if you want to verify the resolution is sufficient. If your virtual case has a theme, please include a title and a short paragraph describing the case. While our symposium theme is African Minerals, you do not have to stick with that theme. Since this is entirely based on photographs, this is a great opportunity to show off micro-minerals which are normally not suitable for an exhibit case at a show.