The Friends of Mineralogy (FM) is an organization devoted to the advancement of the interest in minerals and related activities. It consists of mineral collectors from all walks of life. The bond uniting these people is a love of natural mineral specimens and a desire to spread appreciation and knowledge of minerals.

FM was formed in 1970 in Tucson, Arizona.  Several of these organizational members were from the Northwest.  An initial project was the establishment of The Mineralogical Record.  The FM has had a close and continuing association with The Mineralogical Record and Rocks & Minerals magazines.  One of the organization’s important activities has been support of the two magazines as vehicles for the preservation and dissemination of mineralogical information.

Through a series of meetings the Pacific Northwest Chapter was formed in 1975.

Goals of the Organization

  • To encourage the collection of minerals for their research, educational, and aesthetic values.
  • To advance programs of mineral study and the educational activities of amateur groups.
  • To promote the dissemination of information about minerals, mineral localities, collections and mineral studies.
  • To preserve and protect mineral specimens for education and research.
  • To promote the preservation of valuable specimen localities and mining deposits.

Why Join FM?

FM spreads information about the mineral collecting environment, collecting trips and localities. Through our local chapter you can participate in mineral collecting trips and a symposium held in October.

Through our national membership you can participate in the annual meeting and symposium in Tucson. Committees at the national level work on all aspects of the mineral collecting hobby.

FM is open to your suggestions. The keys to its success are individual enthusiasm and the synergism that comes from association with people with a common goal.

FM is affiliated with several organizations.  This affiliation provides additional services and privileges available through these organizations.  Through the national organization we are affiliated with: