Symposium LIVE Links

Our symposium will be live from 9 AM Saturday morning (Pacific Time) on Zoom:

You will need to register on the site, but there is no charge. We recommend registering early and joining each of the Webinars as they start.

The schedule for Saturday:

9:00 am
Welcome and introductory remarks
Jessica Robertson and Julian Gray

9:05 am
Rare Earth Elements – An Overview of REE Occurrence, Importance, and Mineralogical Interest
Mandi Hutchinson

10:15 am
Cascade Crystals: An Introduction to Crystal Localities of the Cascades
Randy Becker

11:15 am
Rare-earth and rare element mineralogy of the Golden Horn Batholith – new research into a globally unique alkaline system
Markus Raschke

12:15 pm

2:00 pm
REE as activators of striking luminescence in minerals: Examples in apatite, fluorite and calcite
Glenn Waychunas
Virtual presentation

3:00 pm
Rare Earth Element Minerals
Brent Thorne

Sunday Morning

8:00 am

9:00 am
Pikes Peak or bust – from golden past to rare earth future?
Markus Raschke

10:00 am
Closing Remarks
Jessica Robertson

10:05 am

Our New Logo!

Friends of Mineralogy, Pacific Northwest Chapter is proud to reveal our brand new logo! Designed by talented designer and mineral collector Erin Delventhal, this eye-catching logo features an idealized specimen of an iconic Pacific Northwest mineral combination–King County, Washington quartz/amethyst scepters and pyrite.

We will be rolling out this logo and a refreshed look across our media and newsletter in the coming months. Merchandise featuring the logo will be available at Seattle Mineral Market in May and at upcoming PNWFM events. Stay tuned for details!

Symposium contests

We WILL have a Self-Collected contest this year, so be thinking of what specimens you might want to enter in these categories:

  • Self-collected California macro specimen
  • Self-collected California micro specimen
  • Self-collected in the past year, any locality, macro specimen
  • Self-collected in the past year, any locality, micro specimen

Welcome to our new website

If you’ve visited us on the web before, you may notice that there have been some changes. For the moment, there are a few things missing: the newsletter archive and the Noble Witt awards in particular, but don’t panic… they will return soon!
What you will find:

  • A modern web interface which should work smoothly on all modern browsers and gadgets
  • A few photos of Pacific Northwest minerals
    (If you are a member and would like to share a few of your images, please send them to the webmaster along with species, locality and field of view.)
  • A flyer for our upcoming “Minerals of the Pacific Northwest” symposium
  • Contact information

Until everything is migrated to the new site, you can find the old site archived here:

Feel free to contact us if you have trouble getting any of this to work: